Snorkeling in Goa

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6 Hours
Availability : October to May
Grand Island
Min Age : 5+
Tour Details

Goa is a must-visit place and one must not miss out on a chance at witnessing the water sports activities. With Snorkeling being one of the most popular water adventures in Goa, it is a must-add in your travel itinerary. Ranging from the parties of North Goa to the beautiful underwater life, this is a place where you can witness each one of them. Snorkeling is nothing but exploring the corals and marine creatures with a snorkel that will rejuvenate every quarter of your soul. The snorkeling experience at the grand island in goa is just one of its kind and if you are an adventure lover, then this is a choice with no regrets! Additionally, whether you are a non-swimmer or a swimming champion both of them can add this experience in their trip to Goa.

Snorkeling Trip Goa

The trip of snorkeling in Goa begins with an early pick-up from the indicated location, that you can mention at the time of online booking from where you will be taken to the snorkeling spot. After a few sets of instructions from the guide and taking a few safety precautions, you are good to go in the water. In a snorkeling session, you can watch the troops of fishes go here and there and can also witness a range of marine creatures that will just melt your heart away. Right after you have delighted your eyes with the beauties of the underwater world, you can soak-in the warmth of the sun and enjoy a lip-smacking meal along with it. Additionally, you will be provided with a lunch meal that just makes the experience complete.

At the end of the session, each and every segment of your body will be refreshed and you can take back home photographs and videos of the session. After this, you will be dropped back at your indicated point with a bag full of memories of the Goa trip!  Kindly Read Snorkeling FAQs

Transportation to the snorkeling point:

The transportation to the snorkeling point will be included in the trip, which will be by boat. Also, the pick-up and drop are included in the package that can be scheduled at the time of online booking.

Departure & Return Location

Boat Jetty

Departure Time

08:25 am – 08:40 am

Price Includes

  • AC Transportation (North Goa Hotels)
  • Life Jackets for Safety
  • Snorkeling Equipment
  • Mineral Water and Beer or Rum
  • Sightseeing from boat
  • Snacks and Fruits
  • Buffet Lunch - BBQ (Fish/Chicken/Veg)

What is snorkeling?

Snorkeling is a water sport or activity of swimming through water or on the water while having snorkeling equipment (a diving mask) on. The diving mask is known as a snorkel which is a conveniently shaped breathing tube. Other than this, there are swimfins to pair with for an ideal experience. In case the water is cold, a wetsuit is often worn to practice snorkeling.
Using the use of this equipment, one can easily breathe underwater for an elongated duration and explore the underwater marine life with much ease.

How is Snorkeling in Goa ?

A grand island trip along with snorkeling is just the perfect idea for a memorable yet good experience! With this activity, you can explore the popular water body, Arabian Sea. Right from safety to the visibility, everything is just perfect of Grand Island that makes it the best location for a snorkeling experience.

The temperature of the water is approximately near 27-degree Celsius to 30-degree Celcius, which makes it suitable for exploring the depths of water. With this activity, you can dive deep from 3 to 20 meters where you can delight your eyes with the wonders of marine life.

What is the difference between Scuba Diving and Snorkeling?

Differences between Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are as follows:-

  • Snorkeling is a recreational activity that is not expensive while Scuba Diving is quite an expensive recreational activity.
  • Scuba Diving requires the use of much more equipment as compared to Snorkeling. The equipment of Scuba Diving is also quite heavy when compared to that of Snorkeling.
  • Scuba Diving demands much practice and cannot be performed by everyone, while Snorkeling is quite easy an activity to be performed and mostly everyone can perform with easy and a bit of guidance and training.
  • Snorkeling doesn’t require a certification while Scuba Diving demands certification.
  • While snorkeling, one needs to battle with splashes of water and strong waves on the surface of the water body while when Scuba Diving no such inconvenience had to be faced.
  • Snorkeling gives you a feel of closely watching the vibrant underwater marine life while Scuba Diving gives you a feel of being a part of the beautiful underwater marine life.
  • Scuba Diving gives you an opportunity of viewing the corals with much closeness as compared to Snorkeling.

Irrespective of the differences, both Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are exciting and fun water activities that one must at least experience once in a lifetime.

Can Non-Swimmer enjoy Snorkeling?

Yes, the major advantage of this water adventure is even a non-swimmer can enjoy this activity without any sort of hassle or fear. Right from the life jacket to the other safety equipment, everything is provided in this activity. Not only this but you will also be guided by a trained professional, that will make your experience even more safe and memorable! Make sure that you give one full day to this activity as it is a refreshing session when you gape at the marine life of the beautiful beach. Also, give an attentive ear to the instructions of the trainer as he will guide you with the dos and donts of snorkeling!

  • Make sure that you keep a towel and extra clothes with yourself.
  • Non-swimmers can also witness this activity.
  • The pick-up and drop off service is available only for selected areas at an additional cost.
  • There could be rocks in the snorkeling area, so make sure that you dive carefully.
  • Wear a swimsuit or comfortable clothes while witnessing this activity.
  • If the pick-up point is not reachable, then the pic-up will be scheduled from the nearest reachable point.

Customizations on the tour are available only as per the availability of the slots.

11 Reviews
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Tadanto Mondal

Family Traveller

I have never tried snorkeling before, so this time I decided I will go for it. While booking the snorkeling package online, I mentioned my hotel’s name from where I would like to be picked up for the trip. The package costed me Rs. 1299 which is undoubtedly worth the experience. The pick up car came early in the morning to my hotel in Calangute, from the jetty we reached the snorkeling spot.

I got an experienced guide who briefed me about snorkeling. I listened to him carefully. Then slid underwater, he was constantly with me so I was not nervous.

I thought I would panic as it was my first time. Saw a swarm of fish swam by which was yellow and black in color. Some other colorful fishes also swam by. He sight was just exotic. i was wearing snorkel suit, tube, face mask and flaps. My guide clicked a few pictures of mine and made a few videos.
After coming out of the sea, I just sat and relaxed.

My whole body was just feeling the water. It was a bit scary as there was no land under my feet. But I was feeling enthralled that I just did it, being a hydrophobic it is a big thing for me. A delicious lunch and chilled cold drink was waiting for me. I enjoyed the barbeque fish and beer. Then, headed back to the hotel.

April 26, 2019

Atharva Tandel

Family Traveller

The beauty of underwater is something exotic and in every Goa trip I make sure I go for it. Scuba diving is a far more expensive recreational activity but snorkeling is cheaper than scuba diving. I find snorkeling more relaxing than scuba diving. I booked the snorkeling package at Rs1299 online. I was picked up from my hotel at Panjim at 8 am. Reached the snorkeling spot, as duty the guide instructed me about the water activity, made me wear the mask, snorkel and snorkel suit. I enjoyed every bit of it. My package included lunch as well.

My day was well spent with activities and food. Not to forget the beautiful dolphins that we spotted on our way to the snorkeling spot. the magnetic effect of the Arabian sea is such that I always head to Goa atleast twice in a year. Exploring the marine world has become my hobby and for me the major attraction is the special barbeque fish.
I will give my trip a 4 star and would recommend it to the experienced as well as the first timers.

April 5, 2019

Leelavathi Sundar

Family Traveller

I am writing in detail about my recent experience to grand islands. I read a Grand Island Goa review in which someone was telling about the bad things here. But I would like to highlight the positive side of this tour.

During the whole trip these guys gave us great service. We booked our seats online and got corporate discount for this package. The affordability of the package makes it very hot selling. During the boat ride we also watched dolphin which is very beautiful.

Dolphins were coming out of water so close to our boat and jumping. The sightseeing from boat was very calm. When we reached beach, boats were given to us and the instructor guided us about the safety measures. Also, playing volleyball at the beach was a different experience for us.

We were also given many snorkel gear so that we can do that easily and safely. Snorkeling was a good water sport for us. It was out first and the best time.

March 10, 2018

Rajeshwar Rao

Couple Traveller

As I made the bookings three months prior to our Goa trip, I was a bit worried whether everything will be perfect or not. To my surprise, my grand island snorkeling trip was the best part of my Goa journey. On the day of our Grand island tour, we were picked up from our hotel at Calangute. We were taken to the ferry point in an AC accommodation.

As it was early morning 8, the weather was fine. Then our boat journey began and the vast Arabian sea was just breathtaking. We could spot dolphins, the experience was just amazing. The boat halted at a spot and our guide announced, ‘Who ever wants to go for snorkeling can go ahead.’ I was enthralled and just wore my snorkel tube and hopped into the sea.

I was a bit scared but the adrenaline rush forced me to just live my life to the fullest. The guide was very good, he was there with me when I was experiencing the underwater world.

I fully recommend the Grand Island tour to everyone visiting Goa. If you miss this, you will just miss a major part of your Goa trip.

February 15, 2018

KP Ashish

Couple Traveller

I really loved this tour!!!! Everything on this tour was super-duper amazing. I and my cousins went on this trip. Booked this trip online. My college mate suggested me to add this trip in my goa itinerary. I thanked him for suggesting me about this. Everything from snorkeling to boating on this tour is awesome. Frankly speaking I can go to this trip again and again.

Snorkeling in goa was like dream for us. We went on boat trip to the Grand Island where we cousins enjoyed very much. Food quality is very nice. Equipment provided during the trip for safety were also of high quality. We clicked selfies on the Grand Island which is very beautiful place and one must come to this place.

March 11, 2017

Akshay Valmikan

Group Traveller

Goa is the best place for water sports activities. I have always heard about it but never got a chance to experience it. Finally, my dream came true. My company group was planning it and we booked it 3- months before. Oh my God! Goa is so beautiful and snorkeling there was nice. The company gave us Grand Island Trip package and I would thank you for that. It was the best. We all had a good time while snorkeling in the Arabian Sea. Water sports are enjoyable here and you all must also try them out.

I would love to mention about the very tasty BBQ fish. Actually, I have never ever loved eating a fish in my whole life. But BBQ fish was tasty! I ate it very easily. This activity of snorkeling in Goa is quite nice and how can I even forget it in my whole lifetime. Did it all at the Coco Beach and we would be happy to recommend you to others also.

You are worthy of praises, guys! Millions of thank you couldn’t be enough for the cooperation you showed for us. I am deciding to visit Goa again, get set to plan our tour yet again.

November 27, 2016

Mrityunjoy Das

Couple Traveller

I booked this snorkeling package online and my sister advised me to book in 2-3 months advance so that we can get a good deal. Although this is a small package it is the best package in goa and the affordability outshines it from other high-end goa packages. Everything has pros and cons, so the same happened in this package. This half day was a mixture of many experiences.

Pros- staff was very good, the driver picked up on time, dolphin watching part was excellent and snorkeling with all safety gears at Grand Island too.

Cons- the food was not good; the boat ride was little bumpy and the weather was very hot. But overall, I enjoyed the trip and the memories are still fresh in my mind.

On a whole I can say that you all must definitely visit this place.

November 4, 2016

Priyanka Pal

Family Traveller

Perfect family trip. I planned this whole trip with my amma and appa. As my Appa loves beach and sea so I choose this package. My amma was little bit scared to sit on a boat but I motivated her and she really liked it. We visited goa for the first time and it really felt like heaven for us.

The clarity of water was impressive. I am in love with Goa now. The staff was good in talking and helping also. Overall the experience was good. We clicked so many pictures during the boat ride and my family really loved it.

Me and my appa did snorkeling as we brought extra clothes with us. The instructors provided life jackets and safety instructions were given by them. Staff working here is very knowledgeable and they made this snorkeling trip very easy.

It is really the best place ever. Also, you will find it perfect for snorkeling and scuba diving. The water temperature was suitable for us. The buffet lunch was okay! I cannot say it as up to my expectations.

March 18, 2016

Sivakala Rajasekharan

Couple Traveller

Choosing Snorkeling at Grand Island Goa, best decision for me. The whole day was amazing during the trip. No time of the day we felt bored or tired. While sailing in the boat we were enjoying the weather and the greatest attraction of this trip dolphin watching. We saw 4-5 dolphins during our boat ride. Although I wasn’t expecting this kind of experience during my trip but I will say it was real worth every penny trip.

This small package helped me to explore new side of goa. We enjoyed the water sports on the beach as well as half day boat ride. Later we dived into the sea with life jackets on and then we reached the Grand Island. Reaching on Grand Island we were served meals on the beach. Overall it was a great trip

February 20, 2016

Umesh Uttarwar

Family Traveller

We had placed a booking for Grand Island trip through online and even making the payment was very easy through online portal. We were a group of 15 persons, just completed schooling and wanted to travel little sound of Goa. It was long awaited trip and everybody was excited about the tour.

Only the hotel booking and grand Island trip was paid off. Rest we decided to hire a scooty on rent to explore Goa by ourself. On day 3, we got a call from the office of Grand Island trip asking us to be reach on next day in the morning and they sent their vehicle to pick us up from the hotel.

The boat ride took us to Grand Island Trip. We heard a lot about snorkeing in Goa. We were taken to the diving side where got briefing from the trainer and how to use the equipment and snorkel inside sea. Life enriching experience for all of us. Will return to Goa one day. Team Grand Island trip rocks…

December 24, 2015

Jagan Jonnalagadda

Group Traveller

Snorkeling in Goa is a hot selling package and everybody wants to get this experience. Also, it was just a half day boat trip. We placed our booking well in advance so that we don’t miss while we will be in Goa. I always wented to do snorkeling and what better place it can be than Goa.

I won’t hide, I was bit nervous as it was going to be my first time to dive into the sea but I was assured that all safety measured will be well taken care of. With me, there was also a family with children on jetty and I thought if children can do then why not me.

By the way, we wore new life jacket for safety measure. We reached there and it was a surprise for us to have our meals on the beach and yes, meals were just delicious and mouth-watering. They cooked it properly and then I requested them to introduce who cooked the meal. She was a lady, like my mom’s age and she was very kind and gentle. After meal, our trainer explained how it is going to be about the snorkelling, gear and snorkel too.

A little briefing session was enough for us as we got confidence and even, our trainer came with us and taught us some important lessons. In the evening, we came back to Goa and now, I like to thank everyone for making this trip a memorable one.

February 17, 2012