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Dolphin Watching in Goa

(9 Reviews)
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    45 minutes
    Boat Jetty
    Tour Details

    Dolphins in Goa

    One of the cheapest boat activity in Goa is the Dolphin Show. Get your hands on to experiencing one of the most fun-filled, relaxing and pocket-friendly trip to witness the Indo-Pacific Humpback dolphins and Finless porpoises species (grey-black) gambol in the blue waters of the Arabian Sea.

    Boat Safari Trip

    This package will include Boat Ride, Life Jacket, Dolphin watching and sightseeing. As you will be exposed to direct sunlight in the sheer waters of Goa, you are advised to carry Sunglasses, Hats, Sunscreen Lotion and most importantly your camera to capture the memorable moments of your trip. 

    What to Explore?

    It is a 45-minute short journey suitable for all age groups and is majorly popular amongst families because the playful nature of Wild Dolphins and is a source of great entertainment to the kids. As children have nothing much interesting to do in Goa, taking them on such a fun-filled boat journey will be the best option for parents.

    The Dolphin Watching boat trip is the most laid back trip, as you are taken into deep sea after completing the sightseeing of Fort Aguada, Millionaire’s Palace, Asia’s first lighthouse – Aguada Lighthouse, Portuguese Jail etc.

    Cost of Dolphin Trip

    With the help of technology, booking your trip is now only a click away. The normal pricing of the basic package ranges from Rs. 300/- per person. All those above 3 years of age are charged on a full rate basis.

    How to Book?

    To book your Dolphin ride, there are various options like spot booking wherein you can contact us to reserve seats or you can enroll yourself through our online booking system.

    We accept payments through debit or credit cards as it a safe gateway to secure the booking in a very easy way. So also is app-based payments through BHIM App and the likes. Most common departure spot for the tour is Sinquerim Boat Jetty from where you have to board your boat.

    If you have opted for a pickup, you will most likely be picked up from common locations like Calangute, Baga, Candolim, and Nerul at an additional cost.

    So, go ahead with booking your boat tour and click some photos of the playful dolphins that you can cherish in your photo album forever.

    Why it is good to book Dolphin Trip online?

    It is advisable that you do so as to ensure you don’t miss out on any trip due to lack of time-slots available. Bookings may be carried out via the boat operators’ website, or by manually calling over phone etc

    Are Car Parking facilities available there?

    If you wish to take your own ride up to the departure location, then do not worry about the parking as there is enough parking space that is supervised by a parking guide. Hence, you can park your vehicle without any stress. There is enough parking facility for your vehicle. There will be a parking guide as well to monitor your parking.

    Is the activity available in Monsoon?

    Yes. Boat rides from jetties at Sinquerim and Coco beach are the two main spots from where tour operators run their boats into the sea for Dolphin Show. Venturing into the sea for such activity generally begins from September, when the monsoon starts to recede and continues until May – the month preceding the onset of monsoon on the west coast of the Indian peninsula.

    What is the cost per person?

    Different packages have different prices. However, a common price for all if booked on the spot is Rs.300/-.

    Departure Location

    Boat Jetty

    Tour Duration

    50 Minutes

    Price Includes

    • Boat Safari
    • Sightseeing
    • Life Jeckets
    • Dolphin Show
    9 Reviews
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    Clarissa S Monterio

    Family Traveller

    Last December, I went to Goa with 25 people from the company. We loved everything about the treatment and especially loved the dolphin watching in Goa trip to Grand Island. The trip was pretty short and went on for about 45 minutes, but we got to see three dolphins and a lot of sightseeing places like Millionaire’s palace, Aguada lighthouse, etc. The price of the boat package was quite low, and we had to book in online two months before the trip. It cost us only Rs 300 per head, and it was a lot of fun. The Sequirim Jetty, surrounded by the Arabian Sea, made us feel delighted and peaceful. The boat tour was great fun, and I will recommend you avail it too at your next visit to Goa.

    October 17, 2019

    Krishna Sabharwal

    Group Traveller

    After hearing about dolphin’s friendly behaviour many times. I was really looking forward to seeing them. Dolphins the largely lovable and responsive water animal who we would be delighted to make out at all point of the daylight hours. We 3 friends from the company I am working in planned a Boat tour. Yes, it was a tour for dolphin watching in Goa. We have found one cheapest package. This boat package was booked online in advanced. I was entirely unaware that, Is it a good idea to opt this or not. I trusted my admin person. And we started from office. My colleagues were enjoying on the way singling songs etc. But I was desperate to reach in the waters of Arabian Sea. I have never seen sea before in my life. We finally reached there. Yes, in between the dolphins. I must say there were dam intelligent. I was attracted with their playful behaviour.

    The trip became value for the price I spent. We remained on beached till the light house was visible. Sequirim Jetty is considered the best to watch dolphins. While coming back have seen Sinquerim jetty, they took us for tour on the jetty to watch dolphins and other points. Light House view is considered to be millionaire s palace. I truly had great fun.

    October 11, 2019

    Shalabh Mani Trivedi

    Family Traveller

    Being an animal lover, watching animals has always been my hobby. Whenever I get a few days Holiday from work, I visit some or the other wildlife sanctuaries to admire the animals in their natural habitat.

    So in my previous visit to Goa, I booked online this dolphin watching tour. This is I guess the cheapest boat tour I have come across. In just Rs 270-300 they take you on a trip on the Arabian sea to explore the sea and to spot a few wild dolphins.
    I was lucky enough to spot several humpback dolphins. They were in a group and the sight was just mesmerizing as they were jumping up in the air and then hopping underwater altogether in a rhythm.

    It is a boat trip of around 50 minutes. We were given life jackets. Don’t forget to take your sunglasses along and of course the sunscreen. I was not carrying my sunscreen, I regret that. The boat we got did not have any cover. So we were directly under the sun and I got a good tan. Some boats do have a cover on top.

    I got some nice pictures of the dolphins, they are two swift so we had to keep our cameras ready. I will give the dolphin boat trip a 4 star rating.

    October 6, 2019

    Shakti Kareja

    Group Traveller

    Dolphin trip to goa is a very nice trip. I booked this trip for my school students and were a group of 100 people. As this was a school’s children group, we got discounted price. We booked online through their portal. We reached Goa as per our schedule and the weather was very pleasant due to the rain happened a day before. Next day we reached the beach by hotel bus. The driver of the bus was very well mannered and he was also guiding us around. We were pretty much excited to see another side of goa.

    The kids were singing songs and playing games on the bus. We reached the beach on time and the staff welcomed us with garlands and welcome drinks. Later we moved towards our boat jetty. It was a clean and spacious boat and as per my guidance, there were coordinators with every boat. The students were given life jackets and instructions for safety were given to them. Everyone boarded the boat in a line and we smoothly started our journey. In the initial stage, the boat started feeling bumps but later when we left a little far away from the shore the boat was calmly sailing in the sea. As the wind was blowing and there was no sun on the head, we enjoyed the trip.

    The real fun began when we sighted dolphins. After watching Indo pacific humpback dolphin’s students were shouting and excited after watching dolphins. It was a sight to watch when the dolphin was coming up out of water. On Sinquerium beach, we saw the lower part of Aguada fort and lighthouse too. While reaching the Grande islands we did the snorkeling in cold water. Students were enjoying and splashing water on each other. As life jackets were given to every student everyone was very confident to swim in that water. Even my teacher colleagues also enjoyed the snorkeling. Later we were served Goan food which was very delicious.

    My students enjoyed this trip as they learned so many things about the history of goa and nature. This visit to goa was very fruitful to us. Will advise everyone to book this trip online and start the trip in the early morning.

    December 15, 2018

    Sharath R Prabha

    Family Traveller

    This was my education tour organized by my school. I was so proud in being its part and this is because, only ten students are selected from my school to participate in the education tour. There were many recreational activities organized for us in Goa.

    We were meant to study there but it was done with a whole lot of enjoyment. This was my first trip outside Delhi and that too without my parents. I was a bit nervous at first but as the days passed by, I started feeling very comfortable. My friends were so happy and that too more than me that I have visited this place that we all always planned for. The natural habitat and the lush green environment of Goa took away my heart. I can really imagine the stress-free and calm life of the locals here. They are so lucky to have got a living space in such a clean and pollution-free environment. We watched the dolphins at the Grand Island and all of those were the Indo Pacific humpback dolphins.

    The blue water and white sky and below me and my classmates enjoying in the natural environment, everything was very favorable. Dolphin Watching is a delightful activity and so, I had a great time while watching them playing with each other. Aren’t you getting eager to experience it while reading my review? If yes, then you must visit this place as soon as possible. What is the need of waiting anymore? I don’t think there is even a single specific reason!

    February 10, 2017

    Rati Ahluwalia

    Solo Traveller

    Planned this trip in early December and got the cheapest price as we were 25 people from the company. We were super excited about this trip and our expectations were also very high. The affordability of this trip is the USP of this trip.

    Dolphin watching with so many activities at such an amazing price is a great deal. When we reached the beach, our whole team was greeted and Sequirim Jetty was given to us for the trip. During the boat trip, the weather was very pleasing and dolphin watching in Goa was a dream for all of us. The boat staff also sang Goan songs for us and entertained us. We saw the famous Aguada fort where “Dil Chata hai” movie was shot.

    The lighthouse and millionaire palace were also the highlight of sightseeing. It was great fun sailing in the boat in waters of Arabian Sea. It was a perfect team outing for us. We clicked too many selfies. I will suggest this trip to everyone coming to goa. You will get the best service, food, views, pictures and peace of mind. So, at this price, I will give 10 out of 10 for this trip.

    Do not miss out the shopping part from the nearby stores. I saw one so I did. Also, drink some lemonade from the stalls placed there! Have a great time!

    October 31, 2016

    Raj kiran K Acharya

    Couple Traveller

    I am a student from Delhi school and every year, we go on annual school trip. It was a school children group of 150 students and the booking were made by our school managing committee.

    We had to pay the trip fees only. Anyways, this year we got an opportunity to visit Goa which is always close to my heart. Although, everything was a part of the school trip but I really don’t want to miss Dolphin watching boat tour so after discussing with my friends, we booked online Dolphin watching tour.

    We reached by hotel bus to Sinquerim and from there, we boarded boat jetty. For our safety, we were provided with life jackets which was compulsory for everyone. We spotted dolphins and clicked some beautiful pictures as the weather was very sunny. We truly enjoyed every bit of this tour.

    October 9, 2015

    Pawankumar Patel

    Family Traveller

    I wanted to go to Goa but always heard that it is a costly affair. But I got to know that there are cheaper deals too when I got introduced to you all. Each one of you helped me out in gaining the best experiences from the Grand Island. The island is way too beautiful than I saw in Google.

    You can undoubtedly trust me on this. I had the best days of my life and you can believe me in this. Such a budget tour mix with whole lot of excitement and beauty is a ‘not to be missed deal’. The wild dolphins were jumping and were too close to our boat. I can’t believe I saw them in front of me. They are so huge. But undoubtedly these are very cute. Just like you saw them in the videos, you can see them live too. Luckily, I spotted three dolphins together. They were going under the water and then coming with the rhythmic movements. I was so happy on seeing such a scene. This is because, I have never got a chance to see that before. Getting the dolphin sightings was a pretty good experience. We were also given some snacks and soft drinks. I and my friends also collect many sea shells which were left by the sea waves on the beach. I filled up a whole bottle from them. Now I have used them in decorating my tables and other almirahs.

    That’s quite sure we are going to visit this place yet again. I can’t miss the dolphins next year! Whenever I am going to come, I will make sure that I take out some time to spend with the dolphins. Whenever I see the photos from the trip, tears roll down my cheeks since it was really the best time ever.

    February 14, 2014

    Ashok R Shriniwas

    Group Traveller

    Hey travelers, I am sure what has brought you to this page is to seek some information related to Dolphin Watching Boat Tour. This is the reason I would like to share my experience with the Dolphin Watching boat tour.

    We were a group of 25 people from the company and we wanted to have the cheapest package price for this trip as it was not part of the corporate package. I booked it online at the cheapest price which also included transportation. At Sinquerim, boats were ready for us and thankfully, that day it was not crowded as I read that during season time, it is sometimes over flooded with tourists and due to this, it becomes difficult to site dolphin.

    We were lucky to spot dolphin and our boat operator was very smart and experienced. Till the time we were not satisfied, he took round and round into the sea to show us dolphins. Thanks for organizing such a wonderful trip.

    October 19, 2013