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Scuba Diving at Grand Island Goa

(7 Reviews)
from ₹1999

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    Availability : Oct - May
    Grand Island
    Min Age : 10+
    Diving Trip Detail

    Imagine plunging into the vast ocean, swimming alongside the gentle oceanic creatures, grazing your eyes on the ocean bed laden with precious and colorful gems! Magical and surreal right? Well, Scuba diving brings your imagination to life. Scuba diving is a must when paying a visit to India’s most vibrant and happening coastal states, Goa.

    Money spent in diving at Grand Island is worth every penny as the experience gained is priceless. The Scuba diving in Goa offer the best experience at a very attractive price and prioritize safety. For all those looking to get high, go scuba diving and feel the high like never before.

    All the adventurous souls out there who are willing to go out of their comfort zone to experience the magnificence that the world has to offer, scuba diving is for you. Satiate your souls with the incredible scuba diving experience which no alcohol or drug can provide.

    Departure & Return Location

    From Hotel in Baga/ Calangute/ Arpora/ Candolim/ Sinquerim and Nerul

    Departure Time

    Between 8:00 am and 8:30 am

    Price Includes

    • 20 minute of scuba diving with a certified trainer and guide
    • The package includes the provision of all diving gear. Scuba suit will be provided on request.
    • First-time divers will be trained for 20 minute before the dive.
    • Sighting of Dolphins dancing gracefully in the sea.
    • Life Jackets
    • Pickup from your hotel in North Goa and drop back to the hotel.

    Complimentary with the package

    • Some quick bites to munch on after the dive
    • Sumptuous hot lunch (veg/non-veg) made just for you
    • Mineral water is provided
    • Your memories captured during the dive will be given to you

    Things to be noted:

    • Required a gap of at least 18 hours between the dive and the next flight.
    • Child below 12 years of age are not allowed
    • Pregnant women, people with heart problems and the aqua phobic are strictly forbidden from taking the dip.
    • Scuba dive can be enjoyed by non-swimmers as well.
    There are some equipment and gears to be carried for the dive
    • Face mask and snorkel: The face mask provides clear visibility under the ocean to enable the viewing of the exotic flora and fauna. The face mask is provided during snorkeling as well. It is used to see underwater. Snorkel facilitates easy breathing.
    • Oxygen Tank: Filled with compressed oxygen, it’s crucial for respiration.
    • Regulatory and Buoyancy control device.
    • Rubber Fins: The diver is strapped with rubber fins for natural movement in the sea.
    • Wetsuit: A Wetsuit is worn to regulate the body temperature. However, Goa has a tropical climate so it is not necessary to carry wetsuit.
    7 Reviews
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    Nitya Shah

    Couple Traveller

    My first experience for Scuba Diving, Goa. I did it in Grand Island in Goa. I researched all information. I have made cost checked researches. My package was booked at office in Calangute. They told me the brief about the diving session. They provided the pool training initially. My involvement in a water sport was nil. But the trainer was well experienced. He analysed my marine fear. He helped me a lot to take initiative. The dive site was very beautiful. Lots of people are choosing the scuba. I found a suitable place for myself to start. Then finally I was packed up with gears. I started with my in-build fear. In the next moment things are changed. All environments changed to bluish-green. My visibility was crystal clear. I was in depth of water. The temperature was warm and pleasant. It is best water sports I have experienced. The view of Flora and Fauna was too colourful.

    Normally I love flowers. But I never thought of such a beauty under water. In scuba we have to take breath by mouth. For an instance I forgot to breathe. I don’t want to blink my eyes while diving. It feels so good when we hug the nature. The aquatic animals are so colourful. I felt more pressure when tried to go more down. I felt heaviness on my ears. I have been already told this by instructor. Finally I have won upon my dread.

    October 18, 2019

    Sanjay Lalwani

    Group Traveller

    As I am an adrenaline junkie, scuba diving in the Arabian sea was one thing which I wanted to learn for a long time. But as soon as I came to Goa this February, I was determined to fulfil that wish of mine. My partner and I booked at the office in Calangute after reaching Goa. The trip started at 8 am, and we were brought to Grand island from Calangute in a car by the company. After reaching there, we were trained for about twenty minutes, where we were briefed about the diving session and were provided pool training.

    Our instructor provided us with all the information, and we were excited about the trip. The trip was mesmerizing since we got to see the colorful and vibrant marine life of the Arabian sea. The trainer was pretty experienced, and luckily, we got fantastic visibility.

    We were able to view all flora and fauna at a comfortable temperature. We travelled to a depth of 39 m and were very sad when the trip ended after 20 minutes. Time went by so fast during the journey that we longed for some extra minutes. I would strongly recommend this trip to you if you love the ocean.

    March 30, 2019

    Suman Chatterjee

    Couple Traveller

    Scuba Diving in Goa is literally perfect. The experience that I got from there cannot be described in some words. Instead, I think I would have to write a few pages on the same. Well, I can brief about that also. I had less time since I work in an MNC. They hardly give me an off except one or two every month.

    But this time I badly needed a break and wanted to go to a place where I can talk with the inner me. Goa is a perfect destination for that. I clubbed two leaves of mine along with the weekends and planned a four days’ trip to Goa. Went there with my 5 friends and booked the trip online. I am a beginner in scuba diving so, I chose the package for beginner. I was diving for the first time and so, was curious about it.

    The depth of water was around 6 meter and it was more than enough in my case. Overall a very relaxing vacation for me and it was really good. The trainer helped me in getting a great experience and relax in underwater.

    October 31, 2018

    karan gaonkar

    Couple Traveller

    My friends have always suggested me to go for Scuba diving, an activity which I have never experienced. Which other place than Goa can be possibly best for it. On my third trip Goa, I planned to go for scuba diving. I checked the prices, compared and after taking all the information booked a slot in Calangute. Pick up and drop was included in the package. The car came to the hotel at 8:30 am. We reached the ferry point, took the boat and reached Grand Island. I captured the boat journey in my camera as it was simply breath taking.

    It was my first time at scuba diving, so I was given a 20 minutes training session in a pool. I was briefed about the diving session. When I finally reached the Grand Island, my diving site, the trainer was there. I wore all the scuba diving equipments, requested a scuba suit and with the guide’s help entered the sea. It was just so beautiful. The life which we have never witnessed was right in front of my eyes. The swarm of colourful fish was out of the world. It appeared as if everything is straight from a movie. The trainer was quite experienced. He maintained his calm, clicked a few pictures of mine and the 20 minute diving got over. Came out of the water, I just sat quietly to feel what I just experienced.
    My scuba diving package included lunch. I wanted to eat non-vegetarian food. The hot and delicious complimentary food was waiting for me. I ate the goan delicacies which were fresh and delicious. Then I headed back to my hotel. My first ever scuba diving experience will always remain one of the best experiences of my life. I believe I chose the best package and I was lucky enough to get an experienced trainer.

    October 26, 2018

    Latika Vaishnav

    Solo Traveller

    My last Goa trip introduced me to scuba diving. Earlier I was a bit hesitant to go underwater as it would have been my first time. Still my family convinced me to go for it. So I booked my scuba diving trip online. Early morning driver came for pick up from our hotel. The driver was not quite friendly. He was getting irritated by us when we were talking or asking his questions. Finally we reached the jetty and from there our boat journey began. The guide on our boat was experienced and explained how to do scuba. I was given a training of about 20 minutes on how to go about it.

    On reaching the scuba dive spot, I wore my scuba suit which I got on request, wore the scuba face mask which helps for clear visibility and dived under water. Not to forget I was given an oxygen tank and rubber fins were strapped. I expected to see vibrant fishes but rather ended up on seeing nothing but ship wreck. I was not lucky enough find colorful corals and fishes. It was a bit disheartening but at least I am happy that I got to see the underwater world. The ship wreck looked really gothic. My trainer clicked a few pictures of mine underwater. The experience was smooth as the guide was good but otherwise kept on looking for the fishes but couldn’t find any.

    After the scuba session was over, I was taken for lunch. The lunch was delicious with barbeque fish, Goan chicken curry, pulao and nice veggies. And then we were dropped back to our hotel. It was my first ever scuba diving but I feel it would have been the best if I found some fishes there. I Would only recommend this trip for good food and the feel of underwater. No need of expecting much from the scuba diving trip. But the Arabian Sea welcomes you with open arms. The scenic beauty is immeasurable. I paid Rs.1999 for the trip and I believe it was worth it.

    October 12, 2018

    Sai Nagesh Reddy

    Couple Traveller

    I always keep my travel experience to myself rather than bringing it into words. I am fond of writing but it’s a my secret so here also I won’t disclose my identity. You can call me dream traveller as my journey so far is totally inspired from my father who is an army officer. He has been relocated to many places many times and one such occasion was his transfer to Andaman and Nicobar. It was truly an amazing year spent in Andaman and since them I could not stay myself away from beaches, sea and sand. However, I had to relocate as then my father posting was in Gujarat.

    I have friends from all corner in India and recently, my friend Bhuwan who was also my school mate in Andaman moved to Goa. He is a professional photographer and also a writer. He invited me come to Goa to stay with him for few days. I could not say no to him and asked permission from parents to visit Goa. I landed in Goa where my friend was waiting for me eagerly. We then moved to Calangute where he had an apartment. First few days he showed me entire Goa and then one day he asked me if I wish to do scuba diving and other water sports activities once again. He knew I am simply in love of scuba diving.

    He had booked at office in Calangue a day trip to Grand Island where got briefing about the diving session. We took a jetty to Grand Island and then went to dive site. It was really a very suitable place for Scuba diving and even we got training session in the pool. Visibility and depth where we had to do Scuba diving was amazing. I must say the trainer is well experienced and helped us a lot even though I was not the beginner. It was just a perfect temperature and we truly enjoyed this trip which reminded some of our beautiful memories of Andaman.

    October 31, 2014

    కృష్ణ దత్త శర్మ

    Couple Traveller

    Hello everyone, I am writing to share something which was just a miracle for me as I always had water phobia and scared of the evening getting into the swimming pool. I want to fight with my fear and one of them was to do scuba diving. After exploring the best place for beginner for scuba diving, I came to know about Goa which is very popular place for Indians as well as for foreign tourists. I had booked online my trip to Grand Island Tour at very lucrative price. Client’s reviews about them on their website enhanced my curiosity and I was just waiting to be in Goa. I planned everything and even, I asked my childhood friend to join me.

    Undoubtedly, I got a yes from him and then the day came when we took a flight from my hometown Delhi to Goa. We reached on time and was so amazed to see so many tourists from different countries making their visit to Goa. Even, I made a new friend on flight, she was from Russia and her name was Aida. She come to Goa every year and shared some experiences with me as needless to say that she got so extensive knowledge about Goa which even I am sure I can not find on books or on internet. She even did the same trip to Grand Island which we are going to do it.

    I was so impatient after hearing her story of Grand Island tour. It was my first dive session. We took a complete package of scuba diving in Goa. We were picked up early in the morning and by the way, it was free transportation to ensure that we reach on port on time. We departed on ferry to the Grand Island. While going, we witnessed ship wreck and it was horrifying and also a lesson to understand the power of nature. Grand island is located in Arabian sea and weather condition was just perfect for Scuba diving. Water temperature was suitable for the dive. We jumped into the sea with all our gear and the visibility was clear. We saw corel life inside the sea and it was like I was dreaming. So peaceful inside that even I can feel each heart beat of mine.
    To conclude, It has changed my life in many ways as I know how to fight my fear. Now, I am well trained swimmer in my college and recently also won a trophy representing Delhi.

    March 13, 2014