Best Time to Visit Ilha Grande

Grande island trip is an unforgettable trip because of the variety of things that are included in it. The best months to plan a trip to Grande Island are the months from October to March. Goa becomes really hot during summers so it’s better not to go on this trip during the summer months. And during monsoon, the Arabian Sea becomes quite ferocious which is unlike its character. So it is better to avoid the sea during the rainy season. The best time is spring and winter when the weather is pleasant and best for your trip.

You can carry water and a few medicines with you, in case you require them. Water will keep you hydrated so it is better to keep drinking water. You can also carry your bag of snacks, you can keep munching while enjoying your trip. Try wearing comfortable clothes and ofcourse your swimming costume. Even if you are a non-swimmer or you really don’t want to participate in any adventure watersports, carry your swim suit as the magnetism of Arabian Sea might pull you in its arms.

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