Grand Island Picnic Trip Goa

Grande Island trip is not only confined to the water activities, it is also known as a rejuvenating outing with friends and family. In this one day trip, you will do so many things. Starting from the long boat trip, to fishing and then watersports, everything in one day sounds a bit tiring but you don’t have to worry because the pollution free and calm environment won’t tire you at all. Once you are in the island, you will be welcomed with the aroma of fantastic barbeque fish and some vegetarian delicacies.

So, your trip from being an adventurous one has turned into rejuvenating trip. The food is included in the package. You will get a fine fresh barbequed fish which will be barbequed in front of your eyes. And for vegetarians, there will be a few options too. You can eat how much you can, nobody will stop you. The food is so delicious that you will want more and more. After eating, you can again go to the Arabian Sea for more fun. It’s like a picnic outing close ones.

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