at Grand Island

Scuba Diving

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  • Under Expert Supervision
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The term scuba is the abbreviation of self-contained underwater breathing apparatus. It is a form of underwater diving where with the use of underwater gears, a person can explore the sea. It is the best from of recreational activity. In Grande Island, scuba diving is conducted. You will be provided proper training about scuba diving before you dive into the sea. If you want to take the training to an upper level, you can also take admission in some scuba diving course being conducted there.The name itself causes adrenaline rush and thrill for sure. It is amazing to see the inhabitants of the marine world. The various colors of corals and fishes are wonderful. You will definitely be astonished to find a variety of unexplored flora and fauna underwater.

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Snorkeling at Island

Next on the list is snorkeling. Snorkeling the word itself is so fascinating that you won’t be able to resist yourself from experiencing it. In snorkeling, you will be given proper training and a guide will always accompany you. You will be packed with safety gears which includes snorkel, face mask and fins. These equipments boost up your confidence if you are a first timer. You will be amazed by the colorful aquatic world which awaits you. There are a lot of places in India where you can experience snorkeling but for sure no other place can be as fun as Goa. Snorkeling near the Grande Island is something amazing and should be experienced by everyone.

Best Dolphin Boat Trip

Dolphin Boat Safari

Dolphin sighting is very common in Goa. But if you are lucky, you will spot a pod of dolphins. You have to be alert when you are sitting on the boat as you might miss a dolphin which twirls very fast. The twisting and twirling dolphins are a treat to eyes. It is breathtaking to watch these marine mammals in their habitat. It’s difficult to control your excitement when you spot them, but they don’t like noise, so you have to keep your volume low. Just sit back, relax and enjoy every sight you see when on the Grande island trip.


While reaching Grande Island on your adventurous trip, you will be on the lap of nature feeling it in real. Once you are near your destination, you will be handed a fishing rod and bait attached to it. Yes, you guessed it right, you will get a chance do have some fishing adventure. Sitting on your boat, you can do some fishing, if you are lucky enough, you will catch a fish or two. Don’t worry, you will be given enough time to explore.