The Grand Island Trip

Ilha grande popularly known as the Grande island Or Bat Island is one of the most exotic location in Goa. The only way to reach ilha grande is by sailing on a boat. A trip package to the location includes snorkeling, fishing and a scrumptious lunch. The aroma of the barbeque fish is too magnetic. One can enjoy swimming after lunch. You will be served drinks and fruits on board. Bat island is an ideal picnic spot.  If you are lucky, you will spot dolphins twirling in their natural habitat. Alot of tour operators offer this trip at pocket friendly prices. This package is worth spending money.

About the Trip

To seek the fact behind the quote, one needs to definitely go ahead and enjoy nature only at the pearl of the orient-Goa. Before planning a trip to any place, you need to know about it. If you type Grande island Goa, you will get so much of information about it but still I have jotted some points which will definitely help in your Grande Island trip.

Grande Island trip is the best package trip happening in Goa. It’s the best because in pocket friendly price, you can enjoy the best place of Goa. The Grande island or monkey beach trip starts in the morning. It is a daylong package which is rejuvenating as well as exhilarating. The trip starts from the jetty near coco beach. You will be taken to the destination on a boat. The trip price starts from Rs. 1599.

It’s not only a trip to the destination, but it’s a trip where sightseeing from the water is included. You will see so many places which look absolutely different from land. You will see Aguada fort, merchant’s bungalow, central jail and a few beaches from mid sea. The monkey beach trip has all of it in it. You just have to book your trip and the fun follows.

Things to do at Monkey Beach

Grande island trip is not only about the destination island but it is about the various refreshing activities too. Once your journey starts, you will be welcomed by the lovely dolphins. This is my favorite part of the trip. Watching the dolphins twirl and twist in the blue Arabian Sea is remarkable. The feeling when we watch it can’t be described in words. The dolphin sighting is followed by snorkeling and swimming mid sea, which are exciting watersports too.

When you almost reach your destination, your boat halts for another fun activity. Yes, the best activity of the day is fishing. You will be given a fishing rope and bait. Try your luck at fishing too. I was quite unlucky as I dint catch any fish, but yes on another boat, someone caught fishes twice. So, the excitement was double. And finally after your fishing experience, you reach the beach. On the beach in the middle of the sea, you will be served the best barbeque fish / chicken / veg along with buffet lunch. The aroma of the food is amazing. We really enjoyed our veg and non veg Goan cuisines.

How to Book Island Trip?

The booking price starts at Rs. 1599 per person. If you make a group booking, you can also ask for a good discount if you are a group of 10 members and above. This half day trip is a breath taking experience and should not be missed by anyone. This trip is active from the months of October to March. Booking this package is just a click away. There are different packages but the Grande island tour is a favorite of many. For further assistance, the agency will assist you and answer your queries. – Book Island Tour

Tour Review

The journey starts at morning 8:00 to 8.30 am and continue till 3:00 – 3:30 pm. Though the timing depends on various possibilities. This Island package is a favorite of bachelors and groups. (Grand Island Photos) For couples it is less recommended as couples might want their privacy but with a group of people around, their privacy might get hampered.

The Arabian Sea, golden sand, silver dolphins, delicious food, chilled beer and Snorkeling, this package is one in all. Make your bookings fast, book your tickets to Goa, book your hotel rooms and last but not the least, book the best and the most memorable trip to Grande island package.



08:00 am - 08:30 amPickup

An accordion conPickup from North Goa Hotel to Coco Beachtent area

08:30 am - 08:45 amBoarding and Departure

Boarding and Departure from Jetty

08:45 am - 10:00 amBoat ride

Enjoy boat ride to Snorkelling location near Grande Island with Sightseeing of famous location. Snacks, mineral water, soft drinks, beer provided onboard.

10:00 am - 11:30 amActivities

Enjoy Snorkelling and Swimming session (do not consume alcohol before entering into water)

11:30 am - 12:00 pmHead to Monkey Beach

Head to Monkey Beach at Grande Island

12:00 pm - 02:30 pmBuffet Lunch

Enjoy your time at beach and relish on Buffet Lunch

02:30 pm - 03:30 pmBack to jetty

Back to jetty with Dolphin sighting on the way.

Note / Tips

  • Carry your swimsuit in case you feel like swimming
  • Carry your towels and changing clothes( there are no changing rooms on the island)
  • Keep wearing the life jackets onboard for your safety
  • Wear comfortable Clothes / swim wear
  • Non swimmers can also enjoy all the activities during the trip
  • Pick up & Drop will be provided from hotels booked only in Calangute, Baga, Arpora, Nagoa, Candolim, Sinquerim, Nerul Area.
  • If the vehicle unable reach to your hotel due to narrow road, you will be picked up from the nearest location.

Tour - Includes

  • Pick and Drop from Hotel in A/C Shared Vehicle
  • Boat Trip with sightseeing of famous location
  • Life Jackets & Bottom Fishing
  • Dolphin spotting
  • Snorkeling Equipments
  • Snacks and Fruits
  • Mineral Water/Beer/Rum
  • Buffet Lunch with BBQ (Fish/Chicken/Veg)


  • Breakfast
  • Swimsuits
  • Towels
  • Photos and Videos

Tour - Images

Grand Island Trip Reviews

  • It is a nice place to spend a day with your loved one. Its cool and green environment gives a special happiness visiting this place . When we visited grand island it was not much crowded with people. It was a peaceful experience with blue water all over which makes you feel like you are in some magical world. Guys its really a cool place

    Pritam Sharda
  • Day well spend on grand island with my crazy friends. It was a unique experience specially snorkeling and also boat ride. Most special experience was fishing. I really loved fishing and giving competition to my friends in our swimming competition.

    Sushant Bali
  • Monkey beach is among one of my favorite beach among other beaches in Goa. My trip to grand island was full of fun and masti. Me and my other four friends realy enjoyed scuba drive alot. Its unique marine life realu amazed me. All their facilities were also very nice. It was a good experience.

    Divya Joshipura

Planning to visit grand island very soon. I really hope to experience everything what I heard about grand island. Will be visiting grand island in December. I am really very excited to visit grand island.

Shruti A
Grand Island

Best weekend after a long time at such a beautiful and adventurous  place. Always wanted to visit monkey beach and got this chance during grand island tour. The food they provided us was too yummy specially the barbeque they served us.

Manisha Sahni
Monkey Beach

One of the best experience of my life was when i traveled to grand island. It was really an unique experience among all other places which i visited in Goa. The most amazing part of the tour was watching the dolphins under the sea with variety of water activities in real place.

Dolphin Sightseeing

It was kind of good experience. I love the food which they served us for lunch. As I dont know to swim I was not able to enjoy watersports activities but yes I did enjoy my boat ride along with my other friends

Rajendra Paldoskar
monkey beach

Will visit grand island again this year. Very excited to visit and enjoy its adventurous activities and aroma of delicious fish barbecue. Hopefully will enjoy it again like our last year trip.

Prateek Tayal
Grand Island

I am in love with this place. Unique experience , full of natural beauty from watching dolphins jumping to the boat ride. Each and every thing of this tour was just amazing.

Sanjeev Chauhan
grande Island

The most beautiful part of the trip was watching dolphins . Water on all four sights make you feel like you have entered into magical world. It was a nice experience.

Atul verma
Grande Island

This was my third trip to grand island and as always this time also we enjoyed the trip. The more time I visit grand island I feel like it is becoming more beautiful and peaceful. Compare to last time my visit to grand island this time was more adventurous because they have really improved their adventurous activities especially scuba diving. The instructors are very helpful and took good care while performing all watersports activities.

Nilesh Yevde
Grand Island

My visit to grand island was just too cool. I am realy in love with its natural beauty specialLy the unique and colorful marine life which I got to see there during the time of scuba drive. Even food which they served was yummy.

Narendra Ghanchi
Grand Island

I would like to visit grand island next year also. I had pretty good experience here with my family. This place is really blessed with natural beauty and unique marine life.

Neeraj Sairaj
Grand Island

My experience was kind of good experience as I didnt like water sports activities I didnt made an attempt to enjoy scuba dive but yes their other facilities were well organised like food and dolphins sight which I personally  enjoyed.

Grande Island

Trip to island was mind blowing experience. Adventurous water sports along with unique beauty of marine life, located far away from overcrowded people added plus point to its environment. The experience was just amazing.

Kavish Rane
Grande Island

Experience which I will cherish for my lifetime. My visit to grand island was among one of my best outing campared to my other outings.

Abhijeet Kamar
Grande Island

Monkey land and its natural environment is really magical. I must appreciate the organizers, the way those guide took care of us while scuba diving was really grateful to them. There was no language problem as our guide could really communicate well in English. We will be visiting again soon with my friends.

Subash Reddy
monkey beach

I liked all the facilities they provided us from the start to the end of the tour. Cheap price yet good services provided by them to those visiting grand island.

Harsha Chauhan
Grande Island

My experience to grand island was pretty good. I visited grand island along with my friends. The awesome part of my trip was boat riding and fishing. I love fishing, its my favorite hobby and I really enjoyed fishing on grand island and also scuba diving

Latika Vishvas
Grand Island

It was a nice experience visiting monkey land. All the services including fishing, snorkeling, dolphin sight and yummy food, all thanks to the organizers.

Shridhar kudale
Monkey Beach

Absolutely amazing! super service, great value for money… all our family had a lovely relaxed day.
Highly recommend to everyone coming to Goa

Rina Mishra
Boat Trip

As Goa is associated with various beaches among which my favorite beach is monkey beach. During my trip to grand island I really had unforgettable experience with my family. We almost spent 3 hours in water. The guide there really treated us very well and took good care of us. The most amazing experience was playing in water with my family. All thanks to the trip organizers.

Megha Suthar
Monkey Beach

The trip was amazing specially the yummy food which they provided us which I really enjoyed a lot. Grand island , dolphins, snorkeling along with beauty of underwater marine life was best experience in Goa.

Karan Pawar
Grande Island

Monkey Beach Goa Best-Tour-grand-island

It is a nice place to spend a day with your loved one. Its cool and green environment gives a special happiness visiting this place . When we visited grand island it was not much crowded with people. It was a peaceful experience with blue water all over which makes you feel like you are in some magical world. Guys its really a cool place

Pritam Sharda
Grand Island

The trip was really good, full of masti and variety of adventurous activities specially snorkeling .The tour is a pack of entertainment, fun and adventure. Planning to visit it again soon.

Sachin Solanki
Grande Island

Awesome place to visit in summer season. If you love scuba diving and fishing this is the perfect place to visit and enjoy the natural habitat and its colorful marine life is just too good..

Raj Sharma
Grand Island

As I love sports specially related to water. All the water sports activities which they organised are safe and harmless so one visiting it have to just sit, relax and enjoy the beauty of naturally blessed land.

Neha Singh
Grande Island

The most beautiful thing which I personally liked was watching dolphins. It is a treat watching dolphins jumps. I would love to visit this place again and again.

Jimmy Parmar
Grand Island

I visited Goa last year along with my ten other friends. We decided to visit grand island as we heard about it from my friends in Goa. I must say the tours which they organised are really mind blowing . The most amazing part was boat ride which we enjoyed the most.

Divya Mewani
Grand Island

I enjoyed myself a lot. The tour was too good. I loved all things about this tour from the start till the end of the day all activities were full of fun.

Ashwath Hede
Grand Island

The best thing which really amazed me was underwater beauty. This place is highly blessed with nature. I got opportunity to swim and it was a magical experience in the water of Arabian sea along with variety of colorful marine life.

Rani Swaroop
Grande Island

When I visited grand island with my family. When we reached there they welcome us with the delicious fragrance of fish barbecue. The yummy food specially the Goan traditional buffet which they served was delicious. They have arranged all the activities systematically and you can enjoy all the activities precisely.

Ashish Gurjar
Grand Island

I visited grand island for the first time this year and I must say this place is really good. This place is environment friendly plus highly blessed with variety of colorful marine life.

Meira Singh
Grand Island

It was a decent day out. We started our day from snorkeling which was  an amazing start. The instructor provided us with correct equipment for our safety which allowed us to enjoy ourselves without any fear. All credit goes to the organizers.

Sneha Pritampura
Grande Island

I must thank the organizers of grand island tour for such a wonderful trip to one of the famous beach of Goa. I always wanted to visit monkey land but due to my busy schedule it was really not possible but finally visited it this year all thanks to grand island trip.


Ramesh Joshi
Monkey Beach

Cold Atlantic water, snorkeling, scuba drive, watching colorful marine life and yummy food specially traditional Goan buffet serve to us was just too good. It was a amazing day out.

Jairam Chennai
Grande Island

Best tour with reasonable price plus unlimited beer, chips and food. It was a very good experience . Overall was a good outing.

Kanaram Mali
Grande Island

Really enjoyed my trip to grand island after a hectic work load. Perfect place to get relaxed after long hectic days.

Romesh Solanki
Grande Island

Hi guys I am planning to visit Goa this year in summer and after hearing from my friends regarding this trip grand island would be the first on my list when I visit Goa. Hoping to enjoy its natural beauty and its unique marine life along with some adventurous activities. Very excited to visit grand island.

Amey Patil
Grand Island


Day well spend on grand island with my crazy friends. It was a unique experience specially snorkeling and also boat ride. Most special experience was fishing. I really loved fishing and giving competition to my friends in our swimming competition.

Grand Island

The traditional goan food along with yummy fish and chicken barbecue made this trip more memorable. I just enjoyed fishing and boat ride which they organised were just too good. Will be visiting grand island again soon.

Aarti Pratap
Grand Island

perfect place for the adventure lovers and the people who love marine life. Its adventurous atmosphere along with its unique marine life makes it even more special. The experience was speechless.

Divyam Sahane
Grande Island

Really in love with this place amazing atmosphere with energetic watersports activities. Day well spend with my friends.

Nick Smith
Grande Island

As I am good swimmer and one of my favorite hobby is to swim. My experience to grand island was just too good. The best experience was snorkeling and watching marine life. You must really visit this place if you love swimming and boat riding.

Rajendra Kairani
Grande Island

As I dont like adventurous sports activities that much I dint join my friends in snorkeling and scuba driving so was not able to enjoy it but yes the part which I loved about my trip was fishing and dolphins sight..

Harjeet Kaur
Grand Island

Always wanted a day out which is full of adventure and fun. It was a great experience travelling to grand island. Thanks to the organizers of the trip. They made my day full of adventure with watersports activities. Would like to visit grand island atleast once in a year specially to enjoy watersports activities which they organised.

Grand Island

It was a wow experience. All in one, natural beauty, watersports activities , yummy food and peaceful environment . My experience was really nice.

Varsha Gehlot
Grand Island

Awesome place to hang around and to chill out after a very hectic working days . I had a relaxing time with my friends full of fun and adventures too, which was much needed.

Deepmala Joshi
Grande Island

Monkey beach is among one of my favorite beach among other beaches in Goa. My trip to grand island was full of fun and masti. Me and my other four friends realy enjoyed scuba drive alot. Its unique marine life realu amazed me. All their facilities were also very nice. It was a good experience.

Divya Joshipura
Monkey Beach Tour

Amazing day out, well spend with my friends on grand island after a long busy schedule. One must visit this place incase if you want to relax and spend a peaceful day out of your busy schedule.


Chiku Gehlot
Grande Island

A very good experience had with my friends this weekend on grand island. The services provided during the time of tour was really good. The food serve plus the safety equipments which they provided were really great. All thanks to the organizers and our guide. Will be  visiting grand island again soon.

Mamta Parmar
Grande Island

I love fishing and during my visit to grand island I got a chance of fishing. I was amazed by the diversity and unique marine creatures during my visit to monkey land . It was a great experience.


Virendra Pawar
Grande Island

I really enjoyed boat ride and scuba dive during my visit to grand island. It was a cool experience to visit this place. All the services which they provided are at cheap rate yet well organised. Will be visiting this place again very soon to enjoy and cherish its natural atmosphere.

Rebecca Hay
Grand Island

Visit to grand island was too cool. I enjoyed boat ride with goa’s famous dolphins sight. Enjoyed snacks, fishing, fruits with yummy buffet lunch and its natural and beautiful grand island.

Shiva Kumar
Grand Island

Grand island is just perfect destination for family picnic and group tour . Our college tour went to Goa last year and one of the spot which we visited was grand island. Grand island is among one of the best place I visited in Goa. Amazing scenery involved with adventurous activities full of fun and craziness.

Chetan Karkhanis
Grand Island

The few hours spend with my friends on grand island will always remain in my heart. We enjoyed each and every moment of this trip. Lot of memories with my crazy friends. The place worth visit. Thank you guys for such a amazing trip to grand island

Ria Raut
Grand Island

Lot of memories to cherish for life on grand island with my childhood friends. I realy appreciate all the activities which they organised specialy snorkelling. This place was worth visiting with my crazy friends. Next year picnic spot will be also grand island for sure.

alina lavra
Grand Island

This was my first visit to grand island along with my college mates. Our college had arranged tour to grand island last year. This place is really cool and blessed with nature. As I have always lived in city with artificial environment visiting this place was a treat to us. Its natural environment and unique colorful marine life was magical. Planning to visit it again but this time my family

Grand Island

I visited grand island last year. The thing which I appreciate about this tour is the timing. Tour time is 8.30 to 3.30 pm which is a sufficient time for us to enjoy with my family.


Anvesh Prasannan
Grande Island

I visited grand island last year along with my 20 other friends from delhi. I must say in case if you visit Goa for holiday you must visit grand island. This is a place worth visiting.

Bret Treasure
Grand Island

Was really satisfied with all the services provided by them specially food service those yummy and hot barbeque served by them was really too good. I really enjoyed boat riding and fishing. In love with its natural environment.

Grand Island

It was really scary watching people doing scuba diving but all thanks to our amazing instructor who was really friendly in nature. It was due to his assurance that I decided to give a try to scuba drive and I was reaLly happy that I took good decision by doing so. I really enjoyed each and every moment doing scuba dive and watching unique marine life. It was great experience guys.

Rajesh Kalra
Grande Island

I went Goa this year with my family. The most amazing part of my visit to Goa was when I visited grand island with our family friends Settled in Goa. I must say my trip to grand island was  one of the most amazing trips in Goa. Blue Atlantic sea, peaceful atmosphere and amazing experience to observe colorful marine life.

Anjali Sutar
Grande Island

Perfect decision to learn scuba diving from Scubadivegoa. I recently got my Rescue Divers certification from them so now I am planning to start another course of Advanced Driver through them. Am really satisfied with their teaching skills.

Дина, Kiev
Scuba Diving

I would like to thank team of Scubadivegoa for provided me with all required knowledge and sharpen diving skills. As I had not practice my diving for long period of time it was quite difficult for me to restart with my diving. Thanks to this team for all their help and support due to which I could start my favorite hobby again.

Nandini Rameshwari, Chennai
Scuba Diving

My journey with scubadivegoa has been one of the best experience. It was really a great pleasure to complete my course of Rescue Driver with them. instructor’s trained me very well with all the required methods. My trial dive at Netrani Island was great. The marine life there is unique and colorful. Overall it was very good experience.

Shawn Fernandes, Navi Mumbai
Scuba Diving

It was quite cool experience. I have completed my two courses through Scubadivegoa. My both experiences was highly satisfied. They will never give chance to disappoint you. Only disadvantage was the level of visibility was not very good except that everything like their teaching methods, instructors etc everything is very nice.

Deepak K. , Jammu
Scuba Diving

Best institute, Scubadivegoa is among one of the best institute of Goa. I have completed my Advance Driver Course and PADI course last year and I have already received my certification of it. This place is quite crowded mostly during seasonal time and besides that it is a best place to start your course if you are a fresher.

Subrahastha Khurana, Old Delhi
Scuba Diving

As I wanted to learn scuba diving, one of my relative told me about Scubadivegoa Institute. Their booking were easily available online. Their course fees are also very cheap. As I was a new diver they took good care of me. It was a lovely experience.

Reshma Sinha, Raipur
Scuba Diving

I really enjoyed entire period of my Open Water Course through Scubadivegoa. Their staff is great. Very helpful team. The instructors provided you with all the required information and personally trained you with all the required skills for scuba diving. I have already planned to complete my other courses through them.

Jaideep Solanki, Ahamdabad
Scuba Diving

One of the best institutes of Goa. This is a perfect place to start with your different scuba diving courses. My personal experience was too good. They trained you very well. I had the best time with them throughout my course.

Kavita Suthar, Khimara
Scuba Diving

It was just too cool to dive with this amazing people. Staff of this institute are very helpful and supportive. I would love to visit them every time I visit Goa. It was a lovely experience to get trained by them.

Rajesh Suthar, Udaipur
Scuba Diving

Cool experience, Goa has been always one of my first preference to spend my holidays. Got a stunning opportunity to learn scuba diving in Scubadivegoa. I really appreciate the staff very helpful. Their methods to teach are very unique which make you best in it.

Mahendra Khopade, Mumbai
Scuba Diving

I had pretty good experience with Scubadivegoa team. It was fun to learn with the team of this wonderful people. Their methods are quite ease to learn. It was a great experience.

Ramesh Gandhi, Patna
Scuba Diving

Interesting journey, it was a quite cool experience when we were travelling to grand island on the way we got to watch lovely dolphins. Great marine life to see while scuba diving. Got to see colorful marine life including corals. It was nice to dive with them.

Sandeep R, Telengana
Scuba Diving

Planning to start my Advanced Diving Course through scubadivegoa. I got their reference through my friend who have completed Rescue Diver Course through them. I will join them soon. Hope it will be great.

Divya Rajshree, Bhagyanagar
Scuba Diving

It was amazing experience. Great instructors, very well arranged. I am going to join them again. Very soon will complete another course. It was fantastic experience.

Nuvan Fernandes, Chennai
Scuba Diving

default image

We enjoyed throughout my course. Me and my five other friends completed Rescue Driver and PADI course through Scubadivegoa last year. It was great feeling. Lovely staff, we got chance to dive with them at grand island. It was a great dive. They organised all their services very well.

Alexei Oleey, Voronezh
Scuba Diving

It was my first ever dive. At the beginning I was very scare but instructors there really supported and helped me to come out of my fear. They actually invested lot of time behind me. I would like to thank entire team of scubadivegoa for their services.

Nitya Shreelaxmi, Begampeth
Scuba Diving

I Am all set to visit them in mid of December. Actually I was quite impress with them when last time I visited them. Their teaching skills are fantastic. I already got the certification for Rescue Diver last time so again visiting them to complete another course. Hoping for best.

Subhangi Sharma, Ajmer
Scuba Diving

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